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Howdy neighbors... I just moved here from the Hyde Square area of JP. 


I've found a little website on the Minton Stable Community Garden (, but I was wondering if there was anything else connecting neighbors here?  Paul Gore street has its own email list and gatherings throughout the year... is there anything like that in this area?

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Hi Matt!


Welcome to the area! I moved here almost two years ago, and there have definitely been a few small gatherings in the neighborhood. When I first moved in, there was a fun little block party at the far end of Rossmore (the Forest Hills St./Frankline Park end) so the organizer of that has at least a few people's email addresses. 


I'd love to get something going. I'll be out of town a fair amount over the next 2 months for work, but that doesn't preclude me from helping out with an email list or trying to get this area of the site more active. And my spring and summer are more open for planning an actual gathering of some kind.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Matt! The neighborhood has an association called the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) which meets every other month at Doyle's. You can send an email is to request to be added to the email list. That email list is used for "official communications" of the association, but once you are in touch, they can also send you an email invite to be added to the online SNA forum which we use to share between neighbors about local events, news, requests, and other neighborly kinds of things. If you have any trouble, send me a msg via nfn with your email and I will get you in touch with the right folks. Jen T--- hope you'll do the same!  


Jenn B.



Hi Matt, 


Welcome to the neighborhood. You can find out more about the Stoneybrook Neighborhood Association at I've asked Joe P. to post the link in this group so it's easier to find in the future.


Tim Lindgren

Rossmore Rd.

SNA Steering Committee

This is great! I'm glad to hear about all this going on in the neighborhood.  Thank you for all of the responses!

Hi Matt, I'm co chair of the neighborhood group.   We have a meeting planned for Feb. 7.  To be immediately put on the mailing list, send your address to as noted by Jenn.  

And you can get info about our group by going to the site Tim noted below. 

Please include your address with your name and email.  This is a closed mailing list and won't be available to anyone but officers.  Welcome. 

Frederick Vetterlein


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