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ive been looking for the right 'person' to direct this to at the Alchemist since their fact ive called on multiple occasions and havent gotten any real response.

anyhow....Id like to suggest that you add a few delicous munchie items to the menu ....some at very low cost...and maybe one option at no cost. All the best bars...the ones that really want you to hang out for hours and hours and drink and drink and drink....offer such fare. for example a fav neighborhood bar in central sq offers buttered/broiled brussel sprouts for $4....or a heaping plate of blue cheese covered fries for $4. I know you offer fries...but in a portion that is so tiny its really not worth the price. Maybe having a few small really exciting dishes to much while you drink will bring in more folks...who are coming for the dishes as well as the drinks! I know it would make me think again about choosing your establishment as an evening hang w/friends.

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