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Boom Cars - Rock & Roll or Noise Pollution?

My home and business are beset by the overpowered bass of Boom Cars. I have posted on this before as I would really like to get some community feedback. I've written a pretty comprehensive piece on my blog to outline the issue, what is being done around the country to remedy it and some facts.

I'm really curious to hear some alternate viewpoints and I'm hoping for some respectful, intelligent…


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Are you paying more than your share of Boston property taxes?

Hello neighbors,

It was surprising to me how many of my seller clients this year were not aware of Boston's Residential Exemption program. Basically, if you are a home owner residing within city limits, you get a pretty healthy discount on your taxes. More about the Residential Exemption from the City of Boston website:

Since 1983, the city of Boston had elected to apply a residential exemption to residential property that serves as a principal residence of its… Continue

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Build Boston 2009 coming to Seaport World Trade Center


just thought I'd share this tradeshow that is coming to the SWTC. If you're interested in green, sustainable building technologies and some of the new ideas that surround them read more here:

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Mayor Menino stumbles on bike lanes in Boston

The first two lanes in Boston apparently were from Comm Ave to the BU Bridge , one on the American Legion Hwy (things that make you go hmmmmm) and now it seems there is one that was just finished last night from Forest Hills Station to Roslindale Village. Matty reports the city just painted the new lines last night. In addition, the city has added new bike cages at Forest Hills and Alewife stations.

Check out the full blog post at:… Continue

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What are real estate closing costs? I get this question so much I thought I would elaborate...

A lot of my clients ask me, "What are closing costs?"

Dont break the bank.

Real property in most jurisdictions is conveyed from the seller to the buyer through a real estate contract. The point in time at which the contract is actually executed and the title to the property is conveyed to the buyer is known as the "closing". It is common for a variety of costs associated with the transaction (above and beyond the price of the… Continue

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Jamaica Plain Realtor goes Japanese

I knew that would get your attention. I decided that rather than just bitch about dogs peeing on my bushes - I would elaborate on the bushes a bit. I recently posted this story about my Japanese styled garden and I'd love to have some feedback, discussion and potentially some trades with local gardeners!…


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Stop peeing on my bushes

Listen, I love dogs as much as the next guy. I've owned a dog my whole life - they complete me. However, I am also a homeowner and a big fan of my Japanese-ish styled landscaping. I have worked very hard weeding, pruning, obsessing over my tiny postage stamp of Boston. One afternoon after having just watered said yard, I was sitting on my stoop and a passerby and his dog stopped to admire my garden - and urinate on it.

[caption id="" align="alignleft"… Continue

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