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April 24, 2008

Dear Rob,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Egleston Square Main Street, I want to thank you for your efforts and dedication to keeping Egleston Square – and the larger Jamaica Plain/Roxbury neighborhoods – clean.

A couple weeks ago, we noticed the Peace Garden had been cleaned and taken care of over the weekend. It looked better than it has looked in a long time! As you may know, the Peace Garden is a central point in the Egleston Square neighborhood. The redevelopment a few years ago of this piece of land, formerly an abandoned lot, was a significant step in making this corner of Egleston Square safe and friendly.

However, the Peace Garden needs continual investment and care. And it is thanks to people like you Rob, who on their own time provide this much needed maintenance, that the Peace Garden remains a small oasis on Washington Street.

Thank you for your continuing efforts to improve the Egleston Square neighborhood.


Clarissa Quintanilla
Executive Director

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