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Hello neighbors,
I just read a post in the JP Gazette that said that "community activists" are working to keep the 48 route running. I live in this community and find this route to be a complete nuisance. First of all, it runs a superfluous route that is already serviced by the Orange Line and 39 bus. Secondly, it is a terrible waste of resources. I have lived on/just off Boylston Street for many years, and see the bus pass by routinely. In my 9+ years as a resident (since before it went down Boylston, a residential street) and I have never once seen more than three people on this bus, and that's including the driver! Boylston is a side street, not a main thoroughfare, and the road is just too small and crowded to be part of a bus route. Not to mention the environmental impact of running a perpetually empty bus. The 48 route is wasteful and destructive to the environment (in terms of exhaust, noise and danger of accidents on a narrow street with many young families) and there simply must be a better solution to the transportation needs of a few people than this full-sized bus.
I've emailed the MBTA about this and hope to attend the next meeting where this route is discussed. If you're interested in joining me, or have any insight on why this route exists at all, please let me know.


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Comment by Quinn on July 8, 2010 at 4:22pm
Carlos, I don't want to deprive the elderly of access, but I really don't understand how it is useful to have a bus that goes one Orange line stop, and duplicates other bus routes. And why can't The Ride transport these folks?
Comment by Carlos B. Icaza on July 8, 2010 at 4:07pm
Godd insight Ralph
Comment by Carlos B. Icaza on July 8, 2010 at 4:05pm
The 48 Bus is a very important community connector. It brings folks from elderly housing near the end of Amory St to JP Center and to the Jackson shopping district. Rather than call an end to this #48 line, call for the 'T' to use a van or a mini bus.I agree that the current monster bus on small streets is MBTA dumbness at its best. But the line does have a constituency and is a good community resource.
Comment by Ralph on July 1, 2010 at 7:00pm
The JP Loop should be a "neiborhood circulator" a local feeder route which picks up the elderly, handy capt, and those burdened by childern and shopping-bags. Wheras there are a few such systems run by suburban towns there is NO funding model for providing a dense network of such service across the urban area. I agree with you that a 40 foot MBTA Bus 102 inches wide is not the right vehicle for these sort of neibirhood streets. Scedualed service using a van simular to the largest used by "The Ride" would make allkinds of sense. Keasling is the company whisc operates The Ride in this area and also makes the Mission Hill Link vehicle available to the Baptist Hospital. This is a nearby instance of this done in the Parker Hill neborhood which The Baptist Hospital makes available to neiborhood. That area is fortunate to have one organization which wants it so much that it pays most of the costs.

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