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Climate change, the economy and unending war: A new strategy in a time of crisis

Friday, February 5 @ 7:00 PM
First Church Unitarian Universalist, JP
6 Eliot Street

Health care, war, global warming and the economy: These are the greatest problems we're facing today. The media and our elected officials like to portray them as isolated issues, focusing on blame rather than solutions that are in line with a vast majority of Americans.

The Majority Agenda Project, a new Boston-based initiative, views these issues as profoundly intertwined and, likewise, sees the solutions as interconnected collaborations across labor, peace and climate movements.

Organizers Suren Moodliar, Paul Shannonand Weimin Tchen will lead a discussion on the Majority Agenda Project and offer ways for local people to get involved. They'll talk about a strategic agenda based on policies that will begin to solve these problems and already have a majority of support among the public.

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