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I don't have words that even begin to express the gratitude I feel to the Neighbors for Neighbors Community. Thank you to everyone who helped donate and made this party possible! JP is truly amazing, just when we were worried about how to throw a party at all, our neighbors stepped forward and helped us throw the most amazing party we've ever had! 

The kids we serve often get jilted, but this time we were able to show them how much we care! The kids were so pleased with their gifts and the parents and teens were very excited about the raffle prizes as well. Also, due to generous donations, we were able to have more decorations and this made the kids and their parents very excited as well (this was the first time where I didn't hear people concerned about the lack of decorations). After the presents were unwrapped we saw so many kids rolling around on skateboards and showing their gifts off to each other as well as to staff. I saw a couple of kids moved close to tears from excitement over their gifts that had special meaning to them. You all made this possible and for this I am utterly grateful and if the youth knew, they would all be saying a HUGE thank you as well! 

I'm headed out of town for the holidays first thing in the morning, but I will post some photos when I return. 

Thank you,


Director, South Street Youth Center


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Comment by Joseph Porcelli (Chief Neighbor) on December 23, 2010 at 2:55pm
So glad we could be of service! Thank you for all you do for our younger neighbors!

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