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It's all about Pie! At Community Servings' Farmers Market

Technically, 'pie season' as those in the know call it, doesn't actually begin until October 1st -- but I loved the pecan pie hat and decided a preview was in order. So, tomorrow I'll be wearing the pie hat at the Community Servings Farmers' Market. To give you an idea of what a pie hat actually looks like, I've posted the attached photo.

'Pie' at Community Servings is about feeding those who can't feed themselves. It's about people who are at a critical stage in an illness, and for one reason or another, can't shop, or prep or cook for themselves. They're friends, neighbors, and sometimes co-workers.

Every pie that's purchased, feeds someone for a week. And we feed 725 people every day. That's a lot of pie!

Stop by the Farmers' Market and find out how you can get your pie (and let others eat, too!)

Farmers' Market (Sundays 10am-2pm)

18 Marbury Terrace

(behind the Stony Brook T Station and across from the Kelly Rink)
(if you're driving, we're off of Amory Street -- and there's lots of good parking, too)

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