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Hi Neighbors 


We just finished our first 48 hours with the JP for All movement and thought you might like to know some of the great things that have been happening over the last couple of days.  


Our Facebook fan page now has 55 fans and a direct URL of

Our barely live website got an amazing update today.  Supporters of JP for All translated the page and I was able to get our new bi-lingual site online tonight.  You can find that here: 

Our petition for a Jamaica Plain for All now has 186 signatures.  122 are City of Boston (112 of these are JP!), 31 anonymous, and 33 outside of Boston.  You can find that here:


Some people have asked about the outside of Boston signatures.  As I am not a professional web developer I do not have the skills necessary to build or manage an online database. Because of this I needed to use an online petition site that does not give me the flexibility to limit geography.  I have promised - as you see above - to continue breaking the numbers down to give people an accurate account of what is happening.


Thank you to those of you who are current supporters and if you are not currently a supporter visit and pledge your support for a JP for All!  



Rick Stockwood 

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Comment by Rick Stockwood on March 11, 2011 at 6:18pm

Supporters of JPforAll started receiving email responses today from City Council President Stephen Murphy. Thank you Councilor Murphy for sharing your support for a Jamaica Plain for All.


Here is the text of the email:

Thank you for your email regarding Whole Foods moving into the former location of Hi-Lo Foods in Jamaica Plain. While it is understandable that there are concerns over Hi-Lo closing and Whole Foods moving in, I believe the move of Whole Foods to the neighborhood is a good one. Much like Jamaica Plain, Whole Foods is stocked with diversity and I believe that what the neighborhood loves so much about Hi-Lo will also be found at Whole Foods.


Again, I thank you for contacting me to share your feelings on this issue. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


All the best,

Stephen J. Murphy
City Council President


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