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Hi City Folk,

We know you are so excited for the upcoming LANTERN PARADE next Sunday, Oct. 24! We are, too. It's just another one of the wonderful neighborhood events that makes JP so special. You have to hand it to Spontaneous Celebrations!!

City Feed and Supply has ready-made lanterns. Come on by and pick yours up today. All donations will go to Spontaneous Celebrations. Or, if you're more the crafty type you can make your own at these lantern-making workshops at 45 Danforth St:

Oct Wednesdays 6-9 pm
Oct Sundays 12-2 pm
Oct 19-23 4-9 pm
Sat Oct 24 10am-4pm

Or, host your own Lantern making party! Contact to get planning.

See you at the Lantern Parade! Keep The Lantern Lit!

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