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Big Sister Association of Greater Boston's mission is to help girls realize
their full potential by providing them with positive mentoring relationships
with women. We have two programs in which we are looking for mentors.

1. Our "Community-Based Mentoring" program matches girls between 7-15 with caring
and supportive adults. Matches meet on days and times of their own choosing at
locations throughout the Greater Boston community. The program's flexible
structure allows the two of you to decide how best to spend your time together;
whether you take a walk in the park, go to a museum or movie or just "hang out",
you and your Little Sister will develop a special friendship based on trust and
respect as you learn from and about each other.

In order to apply for Community Based mentoring, you must, be at least 20 years old, fill out an application, be interviewed, and attend an orientation.

2. In our "School Based Mentoring" program, you are matched with a Little Sister in one of the partnering
elementary schools during the school day, for 45 minutes to an hour, once a
week, for the duration of the school year (9 months). Your time together may be
spent over lunch, playing games, reading, or just sitting, talking, and enjoying
your new friendship. You can make a huge difference in a child's life, in just
one hour/week!

In order to apply for School Based mentoring, you must, be at least 18 years old, fill out an application, and be interviewed.

Big Sister Association currently has over 200 girls waiting to be matched with a
Big Sister. So apply today to be a Big Sister and make a difference in a young
girl's life!

For information, please do not hesitate to call 617-236-8060 or email

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