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In response to a recent discussion that veered away from the spirit or our organization I've instituted the following policy.

Going forward forward, all references to an individual or group must be respectful and in no way demeaning or derogatory.

If you have a problem with the way a person or group of people are behaving, and you wish to discuss on Neighbors for Neighbors, please specifically detail the issue you are having with the person's behavior. For example, you could say, "there is an individual in the park who is drinking publicly - I don't like it."

In addition, all post must be family and culturally friendly as stated here. We will moderate/delete any post that do not fit these criteria.

Please be factual. Refer to behaviors that you have personally witnessed. Be sure to clarify between what you might "think" might be going on versus what you "know" is happening.

On a personal note, I'd encourage everyone to explore how compassion and building relationships fits into this conversation. Again, we are Neighbors for ALL Neighbors.


Joseph Porcelli

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Comment by Sasha on July 31, 2009 at 1:54pm
Right on man

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