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Hello neighbors,

I wanted to let folks know that my husband and I just returned home to find that our bicycles were stolen from our driveway (100 Paul Gore) sometime while we were out today (between around 9:45 a.m. till 4 p.m.). The two bikes had been locked together to a fence at the top end of our driveway, with a pretty heavy-duty bicycle cable which was severed in what looks like one swift, sharp cut. Both bicycles were mountain bikes, on the older side but in  good condition. His was a black (with white lettering), men's Specialized Stump Jumper (with a child seat on the back - Co-Pilot), and mine was a black (with red lettering), women's Trek 820.

We're so sad that our bikes are gone... and so upset to think that this happened right in front of our house in broad daylight. So we wanted to post to appeal to anyone who might have seen anything suspicious -- please let us know! And also wanted to alert you all -- this seemed like the job of someone (or someones) who knew exactly what they were doing, given the way the lock was cut ... please be careful with your own property. We are heading over now to file a police report, and I'm already searching on CraigsList. We'll keep you all posted if we have any updates to share. Also, I'm having trouble accessing our Neighbors for Neighbors account, but if someone could please forward this to the local listserv I'd appreciate it.

Rachel Tunick and Peter Staab

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Comment by Joseph Porcelli (Chief Neighbor) on August 24, 2011 at 1:35pm
Thanks for sharing this Jenny!

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