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Almost got hit (again) getting off the (Green Line) Riverway Stop



    Tonight I was getting off the trolley and I had to dive backwards (almost knocking a man over) because a care decided to step on the accelerator instead of obeying the state law to stop when passengers are disembarking.  


   The scary thing is that this happens all the time.  I've had a couple of near misses in the past year and the MBTA operators quite often have to blow their horns to get cars to stop.  


In general, I think the T operators do a good job with warning people and trying to ward off those recklessness drivers but what I never see is enforcement. I don't see the Boston (or MBTA) police giving out tickets.  I mean, if the police can put energy into penalizing people who run a red light. Then I imagine can do something about this.  


Is it going to take someone getting hit before law enforcement does their job?  If so, I hope that person isn't me.


I'm sure this issue has been brought up in public forums before and I haven't seen any real progress.  

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Hi Marlo, 

Thanks for posting this. I've often wondered about that after seeing car after car speeding by. 

I'll send this over to Captain Russel and ask him to join the conversation and help us understand what can be done.


Thanks Joseph,


      Looks like, according to the Gazette, there's been some progress made on this issue:


 Let's hope some concrete changes are made soon.


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