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That thinks Whole Foods moving in to JP isn't all bad? To be fair, my boyfriend has worked for them for 3 years or so and treated him very well, fyi. But they're going to employ more people than Hi Lo, give better benefits, likely pay better, etc. And they've added a lot of local vendors over the last few years. Plus, I know for a fact they gave interviews to all the Hi Lo employees that wanted them. I understand wanting to keep the neighborhood diverse (I lived in Queens for years and loved that part of it, and love that about JP too), and I don't want JP to become gentrified and overpriced (I wouldn't be able to stay!), but what are the non-WF solutions people are offering here? Or is it just an anti-corporate stance to be anti-corporate? As for the cost of the food at WF - it's never going to be as cheap as, say, stop and shop, but there's one of those up the street, as well as lots of great bodegas in the neighborhood still...


Please excuse my poking the bee's nest here, but I've been seeing/hearing all these protests and I really do want to understand where all this sentiment is coming from. 


Thanks in advance for any input...

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i think most people are for Whole Foods... the opposition just shouts the loudest.


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