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Anyone else having major delays in mail delivery?

Has anyone noticed a delay in the delivery of their mail? I have had five things take up to a month to arrive, and three of them were very time sensitive (including Red Sox playoff tickets that arrived well after the playoffs had occurred -(un)fortunately, we obviously didn't need them). They were all shipped USPS. We have a mail slot (labelled with our last name) in our door, and the items have eventually arrived, so theft is not likely the issue. And it's not every piece of mail - I had a letter arrive from Malden in one day. However, two letters sent from either Boston or Hingham are now three weeks in transit. Is any one else experiencing this?

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During the holiday season anything is possible.  

However, check with your local postmaster to see if there have been any changes in carriers or your delivery route status.

I live near Roslindale Sq and our carrier advised me some weeks ago that we were now on "secondary route" status.  As described to me, this means that we may not get mail every day, and when we do, it may be 2-3 days worth all bunched together.  I have already had problems with mail that needed to be received in a timely manner forcing me into a reactionary mode.

Much of this is due to postal cut backs and service consolidations to receive mail.

I have since seen my carrier in neighborhoods that used to be covered by 1-2 additional people, so the suggestion is that his geography had greatly widened, and it is likely not possible for him to make every house in that area in one day, hence the designation of "secondary."


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