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I'd be willing to pitch in for an hour or two. 

Anyone else?

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Hopefully I'll only get a couple of inches like last time, but I'm curious what everyone is using to bail and pump themselves out with. Sump pumps were sold out when I went to Ace Hardware in the last go round. In the end I had to settle for opening the windows during the day and running the humidifier at night which got me 90% of the way.

When looked into installing a sump pump, I discovered it would cost me $2,000 to have it installed. Unfortunately with other repair issues slated for the spring I can't invest in this solution this year. Any other suggestions would be most welcome!
I've heard of folks using wet/dray vacs.
You can buy a stand-alone sump pump at Ace for 90 bucks. You don't have to have a hole for it to sit it--though I suppose it's better. You plug it in. It hooks up to a garden hose and you stick it out the window. When the rain ended last time the 2 or 3 inches in my basement vanished in a couple of hours by itself and this time I have had no need for the pump--yet.

i used a sump pump, then i used a wet/dry vac when the water level was about 1/2". took me hours on the first flood... just make sure you don't break your back carrying water out from the vac. i just put the sump pump in the vac.

paid about $150 sump pump and $100 16 gallon wet dry vac.. call around, they may be sold out everywhere again.

we are also have major repair issues... mold remediation is expensive so try to prevent it now.


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