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Are you interested in helping to organize a block or park clean up during Boston Shines (April 24 % 25)?

This two day event is part of the Mayor's year-round clean up and community service program, Boston Shines 365. Please bring out friends, family members and colleagues and join us as we prepare the city for spring.

Please also create an event here so you neighbors can join you!

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Sure! I will start a group for the community clean up day. Would this be something the Garbage Brigade would be interested in spearheading though? I will post the event as well. Thanks for making us aware of this event!
I actually joined yesterday in hopes of getting info about Boston Shines and hopefully finding some other like minded people. I only got as far as posting a Craigslist ad.

Let me know how else I can get involved!
Ooooh! I'm going to check out this link, 'cause Forbes Street could use a good cleanin'! Peace and thanks for letting us know about this, Joseph.


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