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Can anyone recommend a good daycare or nanny service? 

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I used It's cheap and they supply CORI checks. Good Luck!
sittercity used to be only for students as caregivers (the more mature need not reply). I remember as a caregiver, lol, trying to pick a birth year and being maxed out...they didn't offer my year as a choice! Perhaps that has changed...;)

I'm a nanny myself (mostly infants and toddlers) who lives in JP and works part time. Obviously a daycare is MUCH cheaper than

a nanny. If I were a JP parent I'd join 'JP Moms" (I know, not fair!) as they are all connected togeather and know what is out there...or ask parents around if they live in JP they likely are members if one is a mom!


A really good agency is Parents-In-A-Pinch (google them, they have a good website)...they place longterm nannies but also have

reference-and-background checked nannies to a pinch if your child needs to stay home, on school/daycare closing days, or when another nanny is sick. They have been around for a long time and that's who I refer my friends who are parents (none in JP) to. I know families who have used them, including relatives. It was started by parents who needed "parent's in a pinch" help.


Or...cheaper as I think there is no fee even for the website Caregivers list their qualifications and write about themselves, that you can look through or you can post a job yourself. There is a background check function on that website as well. They also match elder care givers and pet caregivers with jobs in this way. As a caregiver (and I bet as a job poster too) you can arrange to get emails whenever a job (or applicant) matches your criterea. It's a great website (disclosure: I am on it!)

Probably by now you'd find someone but I'd thought I'd reply anyway. Best wishes

Laura Liebster

Thanks for your messages! They're a big help. We're looking into different daycares now. It's tough because some of the places we've called sounded so bad i.e. uncooth secretaries and multiple babies crying in the background! Not cool!


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