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I'm looking for a new dentist and doctor (internal medicine and the kind that specialize in lady parts) and would like to find someone in JP. Anyone have recommendations for me?

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I go to Gentle Dental in JP. I can safely say that Dr. Pezeshki is the best dentist I have ever been to. He actually cares, which is usually not the case. The hygienist also did a very thorough cleaning. I was impressed. At the time I had no dental insurance and had to pay out of pocket for a filling. And surprisingly it was very economical.

Internal medicine I cannot help you with. I'm still looking for one.
I can also recommend Gentle Dental and Dr Pezeshki, he's by far the best dentist I've ever had and I have no problem going to the dentist anymore, because of him. Also can recommend Dr Tremblay at Harvard Vanguard in W Roxbury for internal medicine.
Thanks for the recs! I will totally contact Dr. Pezeshki. For others who are looking I did find a great internal med doc at Faulkner, Dr. Larissa Nekhlyudov.
I like the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center for lady parts doctors! Been going there about 10 years!


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