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does anybody know someplace local that delivers garden mulch? small garden but large enough to need delivery. organic and not red is even better. thanks neighbors.

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Call Sam White & Sons on rte 9.
Thanks very much. I'll give them a call.
I just got a delivery from AJT supplies ( They have a location in West Roxbury. I got 2 cubic yards of mulch and 1 ton of stone and they dumped it in my driveway. I didn't get the red, but I don't know if it was organic. Is non-organic mulch from non-organic trees?
Organic Mulch has no added chemicals and is only made from organic materials. Even the dyes are plant based.
Many times it also has compost mixed into the mulch.

I'll give AJT a call too. Thanks a lot!
I found a place called Apple D'or. It's really close on Morton St. And they do a lot of the composting for the city. The product they sell is local and organic. Can't beat that, right? The only thing is that its $40 per delivery.
Other places wanted 55-75 dollars for delivery. Not bad at all. Thank you!!!


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