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Why, if we all muck out our gardens beginning in March, can our 'leaf' pick up not begin in March?  And, if we put out the paper bags full of garden clippings instead of the heavy plastic, non-recylable bags full of the same stuff, do they take the plastic but not the paper?  It makes no sense and is insanely costly environmentally.  Global warming means cleaning out earlier every year.  Who can change this system so that we have more mulch and less landfills full of plastic bags making unuseable mulch?

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Awesome question. I will contact someone I know who works in the environment department in the city to see how what can be done.
Thank you so much!  While you're on the phone, can you please ask why both sides of the streets don't get the street sweeper treatment?  As in, the rest of Boston has no parking on certain days so that the street sweeper can get at the trash.  On our street, we endure or clean it ourselves [which only works for a couple of owners; we do the whole street].
You can pose that question to Julieanne Doherty, our new Neighborhood Coordinator from the Mayors Office. She is a member here on NFN!


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