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Gardener's discount: 2BD Apartment near community herb garden

Hi neighbors, and friends of neighbors--

Our 1st floor apartment is ready for someone to make their own home in.  We live on a quiet dead end street yet steps to the T, arboretum, and beyond. 

**9/10 of the apartment has just been repainted
**large eat-in kitchen w/microwave over stove
**laundry in house
**hardwood floors
**nice details (in old Victorian house)
**quiet neighborhood
**small yard to share opening out from your kitchen - great afternoon sun in the winter
**close to community herb garden which  hosts get-togethers and activities
**well-tended cats welcome; sorry no dogs
**nonsmokers only please
**rental discount for someone who wants to work in our garden  (you can help move plants,
   mow the tiny lawn, help design planting beds, help us decide on rainwater system)

And of course, nice neighbors

******But if you're not a gardener you are of course welcome!  I just can't garden much lately :(   ********

$1275 + utilities

gardeners discount, if applicable, to be arranged

For more info call 617 699 2274

Conrad and Kate

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When is the apartment available? Immediately?
Dear Stephanie,

It is, though people are coming by to look at it.
Call Conrad at 617 699 2274 to come have a look.
Thanks for writing and hope to meet you soon.
Hi, I was wondering if you've rented this place yet or if you might be available to show it this weekend?
Jim, sorry, I should have taken this down. It has been filled.
Thanks for getting back to me! Kind of sorry to hear, but I thought as much. It sounded like a great place and I saw the listing kind of late. Best of luck with your new tenants.
Dear Jim,
I might know of another place near us. Should I inquire?
Hi Jim,
Sorry I have no other way to contact you. A neighbor has a very nice, large, 2 BR with E-I-K and dining room across the street. It's in very good shape. Please respond so I can put you in touch.
Hope all is well.
Hi Kate,

Dont know if you ever got in touch with Jim... but we are looking for a 2 bedroom in that price range and was wondering if your neighbor had found a tenant yet.

Thank you!
I think it's taken. I'll try to find out.
Just found out about the Neighbors for Neighbors blog/website and read your wonderful ad for apt. rental that is no longer available. I am a gardener and wonder if you are aware of any other rental situations like you described. I and my family (Me, Mark and toddler Sylvia) are seeking a 2 or 3 bedroom in JP for June 1st. ?
Sorry, I do not know of any others.
The neighbor mentioned isn't giving a garden discount.
apologise ahead of time for appealing to you like this but is your neighbour still in need of a tenant. We are friendly, responsible community minded folk who are seeking a good place to be and put down some roots. I am grateful for any suggestions you might have. and Thank you, Helen


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