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Hi Neighbors,

In JP there is a gardening gap! Waiting lists for community gardens are YEARS long! 

Obviously, some people in JP want to grow flowers and veggies but don't have space at home, and don't have a community garden plot either. 

But-- a quick walk around JP reveals that others have sunny patches of lawn (or concrete!) that lie totally empty and need to be maintained, while the owners just don't have time to do it. 

I'm proposing that we open up a discussion space or group to help people who want to garden in JP match up with people who want to share their sunny yard or lawn (or even paved areas, if folks want to get creative with container gardening)

It's a Win-Win! 
The gardener gets a spot to grow some vegetables, and the yard-owner gets:
1.  A beautified yard
2.  A sense of community
3.  The satisfaction of knowing you are sharing your space for the purpose of community food security and the environment. 
4. Depending on agreement with the gardener, potentially also: 
a. help with other yard work beyond delineated shared garden space
b. a share food and flowers grown
c. gardening lessons from gardener

If anyone has land to share, wants to find a place to garden, or has ideas as to how best to do this, please post. 

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Great idea! I am a community garden coordinator and can attest to the years-long nature of JP garden waitlists. Let me know if you get this going, and I'll spread the word to folks on our waitlist.
Interesting that a number of people with space have responded, but no one who wants to garden that doesn't have space. Have you had a chance to let your wait list people know?
As a former resident of JP, I am still an NFN member. I have a huge garden both vegetable and flower in my yard that I find it hard to keep up with. I used to share with a neighbor but he has family issues now that prevent him from having the time either. I live in Dedham right across the river from the W. Roxbury Home Depot on the Boston/Dedham line. Easy to get to with a car. I would absolutely willing to share if anyone is interested. Already have zuccini coming in and green tomatoes. Lots of other good stuff planted and one section that could have some additional stuff added. Lorna
Lorna, you rock!
My neighbor and I have a small yard on Green Street (near Centre) that we would be willing to share. It's a great fenced-in space with sun and shade. Hope you're interested!
Hey everyone! I wasn't following for a little while. This is great to know! I will get in touch with some folks I know looking for a place to garden and follow up with those of you who have posted that you have some space to share! Thanks!

Thanks for this discussion and thanks Julia for the idea!!

I would be on the seeking a plot end of this. At my place the main crop currently is colossal oak trees.


I've heard that there are some professionals with varying levels of experience offering forms of this kind of thing..   but I think it would be a real community building thing to participate and cooperate the way you suggest.


It looks like a long time since there have been any posts on this thread. I hope someone will reply

This is a great idea!  I am a former organic farmer who is apartment bound and would love a place to grow veggies and would be happy to share gardening tips and/or veggies with anyone who has available, sunny land in JP.
What a great idea! For those not able to take advantage of this exchange, here are a few alternatives:

1. The Food Project offers raised beds and will soon offer container gardening kits, for those with limited space:

2. For those who enjoy the work more than the ownership, there are also community orchards and garden volunteering opps:
Also,  if you come across abandoned lots, it might not hurt to do a little research and consider gardening there. There are certain homesteading laws that allow you to take ownership of certain abandoned property if you improve/maintain its upkeep for a certain number of years.
Hello Gardeners:  It's time to start preparing the garden for planting in May.  I still have a very large garden plot in Dedham on the W Roxbury line (near Home Depot) that I would be willing to share with other gardeners.  I brought in 4 inches of organic top soil and mulch and have had three very productive years.  Any one interested?


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