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Hi everyone! I have been in JP only for a few months and was wondering what if any events take place in JP for Halloween. Do kids trick or treat? If so around what times? This year Halloween falls on a saturday so if there's going to be trick or treating I'd like to be around. Thanks!

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Hi Angie,

I don't know about individual homes but I do know many JP businesses participate in trick or treating. Those that do participate often have a sign in the window.

Also, do you know about Lantern Parade? Very fun JP event. Here is blurb about from Spontaneous Celebrations website:
Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade

The ritual of the Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade began in 1984 when people gathered to make a journey with their candle-lit lanterns around Jamaica Pond. In preparation for the Lantern Parade, Spontaneous Celebrations and community members host lantern making workshops in which youth and adults of all ages create beautiful hand made lanterns from recycled soda bottles decorated with colorful tissue paper. The festival also involves local businesses who sell hand made lanterns in their shops. By the night of the festival, several thousand people have made lanterns (and anyone who hasn't can purchase one the night of the parade). Each year approximately 4,000 people arrive at Jamaica Pond at sunset with their lanterns; many children arriving in full Halloween costume as well. The parade proceeds around the pond, bringing a trail of bouncing lights into the darkness that can be seen from all directions. This beautiful autumn evening ceremony has become an annual tradition in our community on the last Sunday in October. The Lantern Parade has it's cultural roots in Japanese lantern making and Dutch tradition. It reflects our dedication to building community by exploring old and creating new cultural traditions.
Thanks for the info Julie!
So since it is on the last sunday in October, is it safe to assume that this year it will take place on October 25th?
Thanks again,
it should be oct 25. it is always the last sunday. it's so, so, so beautiful. it's one of my very favorite parts of jamaica plain.
Hey Angie,

We do a HUGE Holloween celebration on Boylston and Belmore terrace. We cook and give away 500 hot dogs (on private property - otherwise you would need a permit.)

Here are pictures from last year.

Find more photos like this on Neighbors for Neighbors JP
Thank you so much for this info! Will this happen on October 31st this year? How can I help?
There's trick o' treating throughout all areas of JP. From 3:30-6:30 there's treating on Centre St at some participating businesses. Usually this is organized by Boing! and I know City Feed and other nearby biz's are participating. Also, City Feed is having local lollipop maker, JP SUCKS, in to hand out candy AND Equal Exchange will be doing some coffee and chocolate tastings. Look out for the fantastic costumes - especially the full-size fair trade banana!

I also live on Lamartine St and we get a good share of treaters - mostly toddlers and elementary school age kids with a parent. It's so nice!


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