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Last night, Friday, 8/5 at 2:15 am, a friend of mine was walking home at the intersection of Boylston and Center Street when he observed two white, males, likely teens, on bikes who seemed to be waiting for him. He over heard them same, "there is to much light here."

He called 911 and officer responded. He is ok. 

When walking home at night:

  • Don't walk home alone
  • Do not use your iphone/driod while walking (mug me, I've got a nice phone)
  • Take a cab if it's just you
  • Call 911 to report suspicious behavior
  • Call 617-635-4500 to report street lights that are or use the Boston Citizen Connect App

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Great tips, Joe. I linked out to them in the police blotter from Friday over at JP Patch:
That's very dissapointing to hear. Glad your friend is ok.


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