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I generally hate being so reactionary, but wanted to spread the word. 
Twice in the past week, the same man has rang our doorbell and asked for a Mike Johnson.
Once last Monday at April 29 around 8:30 am and then again on Sunday May 5 around noon, while my husband and I were both home. The first time, I thought it was strange but didn't think too much of it. Until it happened again yesterday. Then I was like, something is going on. 
Both times, I watched him from the windows, and he didn't seem to  go to any other houses. He just left walking down Boylston and Dresden, respectively. He was about 5'10 to 6', average build, mid30s-mid40s, maybe (I'm terrible about age) spoke with an accent (what kind, I don't recall) and is either black or hispanic (again, details I'm fuzzy about.) He was wearing a baseball hat both times, jeans and hoodie. And a ring around this pointer finger on his left hand.  (Clearly, I'm terrible about remembering details...) 
After yesterday, I did call the local BPD to report this activity. Not much they could do, as he was walking around and we lost eye sight of him. BPD did send out about 4 cars in the next ten minutes to patrol the area, (so yay tax dollars at work!)
I did want to share it with other neighbors for awareness and to see if anyone else has had this happen to them in the last week or so. I searched these forums and it seems like a common enough tactic to assess whether people are home or not for breaking and entering. 
I live on Boylston near Dreseden/Chestnut/Beecher 

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Thanks for much for posting. This is a common tactic used by criminals to see who is home and when. 

Having worked for BPD in the Neighborhood Watch Unit, I recommend calling 911 next time this happens - you'll get a quicker response and the call will be logged which helps them track trends and prevents problems. 


Hi Joseph,

I did call the non emergency line on Sunday and spoke with someone. I'll follow up with someone at the department during the week.



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