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We have a large urban backyard and all the rain combined with my lack of experience has made identifying the weeds from the perennials a chore. I could use hands-on advice (and am happy to pay for it) for half a day if you or someone you know can help.

Thank you so much

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I could help identify some of the common weeds and perennials. I'm by no means an expert, but I have almost tamed our overgrown garden that existed when we moved in to our place. Mostly, I find it satisfying work to rip out weeds, thin out perennials, etc., and would love to help!
The number one resource for landscaping, trees, weeds, rocks, birds, bees, etc. in JP is Rich Gargiulo of Treeworks. He is a pleasure to work with, very fair, very affordable and a helluva guy who really loves nature. Call him at 617-821-4701 or email at


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