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Hi neighbors!

Does anyone have a suggestion for a local bank with a business checking account for our condo association? We used to have Wainwright, and although their online system was a little clunky, we appreciated their quirky charm and social conscience.

Since Wainwright was bought out by Eastern Bank, we have had nothing but problems. I only ever log onto our account once a month when I pay the bills, and it seems like every other time I log on there is a problem. Either they've upgraded their system and changed my username without my knowledge, or they've made a change so that I have to revise my browser settings (like allowing all popups -- not gonna happen!), or my password has expired so I can't log on because apparently you only have a limited time to change it. The list goes on.

I'm considering Mt. Washington Bank but don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Does anyone have experience with them? We don't need anything fancy -- just online bill pay, and occasionally we write a check.

Any other suggestions? I really don't'want to have to move to a big national bank, but when I have to spend half a day (or more) trying to get problems resolved, and the bills end up getting paid late, I may have no other choice.


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