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Hi All,

Please feel free to contact me via this site if of interest.


1)  Had a 2005 Ford Escort Wagon stolen in JP 2 weeks ago.  Might replace w/ something similar. 

Ideally looking for 1 owner, repair history, not much more than 60,000 mi, hatch-back or wagon, automatic.

2)  Formal car share with neighbor or nearby JP-er.  Wyman Street area.

I know that people do manage to arrange this successfully and it can be a great savings for all involved, regarding insurance, repairs, etc.  I definitely want transportation Thurs. and Fridays & some weekends.  Otherwise negotiable.  Could be w/ car you already own or via a joint purchase, possibly.  I wouldn't enter this kind of arrangement lightly and would want to explore it thoroughly before any agreement.  I considered this a couple years ago and found a woman from Neighbors for Neighbors who was eager to share the system she and her neighbor had successfully negotiated.  If you - or someone nearby you know - is interested to consider, please feel free to contact me.  Oh, I do have a small driveway here so that's a plus for anyone interested.




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