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I have been travelling for 2 years and back in the area. I want to share a space where I can have privacy. Need it to be clean and environmentally well kept. Would like off street parking if possible.

I work from home so a well it home that is a good social environment is important to me.

Please contact me at 617.461.0500 if you have a home you would like to share.

i am spiritual, a meditator, a health professional, journalist and writer.

Member of Ethos Roundtable which is how I found out about this great blog.

More on me at


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I should add here that I would also be interested in private floor in a larger home that I can set up as my own and is not "an apartment." I love Moss Hill and area by the Pond. I am chemically sensitive to EMF so its important that I be able to have cable internet hook up and not live next to EMF exposures from the subway or cell phone towers.

I was forced out of my previous home for an overload of EMF because Jamaicaway Towers rented its room to Comcast and Sprint for commercial loaded antennas and had 2 years of concrete construction and chemical based repairs.

I live fine and I am healthy when there are no extremes like this.

The laws in European Union now mandate education on environment and health issues based on exercising precaution and doing no harm proactively. Apart from my personal experience, I have been a leading health eduator and facilitator or environmental and health change where communities need to form to concretely address difficult issues so they can learn to act.

I do not support protest and media blasts that confuse people and don't educate them, e.g. health care reform.

Joseph, thanks for this great spot for our neighborhood.
Hi Lavinia,
If we hear of any "Rent to Own" situations, we'll be sure to get in touch. Unfortunately we do not know of any right now. However, we will be holding a First Time Home Buyer Seminar on Tues Sept. 22nd @ 6pm at the Coldwell Banker office 713 Centre St JP. It would great if you could attend.
Janis and Ellen

Janis Lippman
Coldwell Banker 713 Centre Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
617.796.5913 vm 617.869.0496 cell 617.522.4601 fax
I am never too busy for a referral from you...

Thanks. I am very busy with work .I run an NGO and consult. I can't do any outreach until I settle in somewhere to live. I have a temporary place, while I look to find something that works to live and work.

I actually know about buying, while I have been unable to buy now.

My main focus at the present time is to complete the formation of my financial structure for WorkEcology 501C- recruit my board so we can operate as an international education and research center.

I have little time for intelligent networking, since my brain is always overused and do get together with people to just have fun, e.g. dancing, eating and relaxing.

I can't spend my life 24/7 doing business.

So establishing a home where I can cook, have friends come over and hang out is key right now, even if it is temporary. I relax by cooking and sharing good food with people.

I was one of the first people to push the success of Bon Savor.

Warm thoughts,
I just want to thank a wonderful person who advertised an apartment share for calling me. I am in the middle of packing and moving to a furnished studio in Lexington where I will be able to be comfortable and patient till what I want shows up.

This person called to tell me they found a roommate and to see how she can help.

I just want you to know that in the time I have returned to Boston and used Craigs List and was my most positive experience.

Metro Boston has a lot of rental and sale inventory right now. A majority of it is in bad condition or been on the market for months because it is over priced.

I have been following clean apartments in Annapolis outside WDC for the past 3 months. Rents on 1 bedrooms have come down from $1300 to under $1000 and many of the apartments are set up for people to move in and out easily with health fitness facilities and more.

I am told many students are now living at home with parents or moving back into dorms and so the apartment inventory is going to be higher, which is rare for this time of year.

If there is a landlord who is reasonable, an apartment that is clean and the area does not overwhelm with dust and bad exposures from traffic and more, please simply call me.

I also think prices are dropping on houses. I have an appointment next week with a developer who is reorganizing his property to build smaller homes at modest prices. I have been out to one cohousing community outside Boston that still has a bit of settling out to do because of the economic downturn before I can consider that place.

So we will see if what I need shows up in JP and people will approach me as a person mature and knowing what I am doing and not try to get me to give my time that I don't have.

I am very skilled at looking at pictures and narrowing down for rent and rent/option to buy situations that i can qualify with out a lot of chatter.

Thanks for the welcome back here.


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