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Please help us find Isabella!

She's a short-haired female gray-and-black striped tabby with yellow eyes and black feet - big ears, chubby belly (her belly is light brown with stripes).

We live at 268 Chestnut Ave. She's an indoor cat, no collar and no microchip, and she's probably scared, wet, and hungry. She's a friendly cat - she knows her name is Isabella, and also responds to Izza - and if you give her wet food or tuna she'll love you forever. Please contact me at or call 857-413-9985 to return her. There will be a reward!



Thank you,


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Any sign of her? I talked to you on Wednesday night when you were putting up flyers. I hope she's home! Being an indoor cat I'm guessing (hoping) she wouldn't go too far.
We found her a block from my house very late that night - she surrendered willingly and ate a whole lot of catfood really fast. She's unhurt but a little freaked out. Thanks for checking in with me! I love that JP folks are so neighborly and helpful :)
Oh Yay! So happy to hear she's home safe!


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