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My very sweet and very friendly 2 year old pitbull mix Lola has been missing since Monday afternoon.  She is black and white with cow-like markings, and super friendly.  She did not have tags on, just a choke collar, if you have any information on her please contact me, I miss her...

617-669-2529  Sara


Thanks neighbors

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So sorry Sara.  Where was she when she went missing?
Hopefully she'll turn up, she looks very sweet. The only fear I have is that a pitbull mix wandering the streets with no tags is probably a problem for the animal control people if she gets caught... especially with all the regulations in the City of Boston. I will keep her in my thoughts so that she is found safe and sound!
sorry about your dog! Will keep an eye peeled. I love pit bulls.
I'm so sorry Sara. Having a pet missing is awful. I will keep you guys in my thoughts and keep an eye out for Lola. I'm sure you've let the District E13 police station, Angell Memorial know. Praying that you find her.


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