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My endorsement of Bob Massie, for Democratic Senate Race 2012



Here is the link to the original version here:


he Story of Meaningful Use If you are on the edge of being a skeptic after Arizona and the most recent health care reform bill, rally round the MA 2012 Senatorial Election, like I am doing:
Why I Endorse Bob Massie’s Candidacy for U.S. 2012 Senatorial Race and Election And why you it matters to you By Lavinia Weissman Massachusetts’ politics may not be fascinating for some CSRwire...
and the version in Spanish translated today
The Story of Meaningful Use

The Story of Meaningful Use Spanish version- Why I endorse Bob Massie, special thanks to Frederic Page, @carbonimpact for translation #csr #csrwire
This week, Aequology’s Blog publishes a Spanish translation of Lavinia Weissman’s recent blog post , “Why I Endorse Bob Massie’s Candidacy for U.S. 2012 Senatorial Race and Election“, that she wrote for CSRwire – @CSRwire . Lavinia’s post has received plenty of support, especially on Twitter, and it
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Lavina, we did not have a forum for politics, so I create a category and moved you discussion there.


Joseph, thank you for opening this forum for politics and moving my endorsement for Bob Massie to this discussion.


I appreciate all your work and what you do.

Please share this endorsement with NGO communities you are a part of.  Bob Massie has contributed to the new global initiatives that weave conversations between NGO's, government and business.


You can RT the tweet scripts to the above posts.


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