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Do stuff with and for your neighbors

Hey Neighbors,

As you've noticed we have a new logo and layout.

The logo reflects what we do and why we do it...

We connect neighbors to each other and resources online - the left circle - so we can do stuff with and for each other offline.
We are a soundboard for voices - the middle circle - we discover what we have in common.
We are a springboard for action - the right circle - we organize around what we care about.

Changes to the layout...

You said the site was a bit overwhelming and your not sure where to start. In response we've reduced content and added more graphics and direction.

Please let us know...

- What you like
- What you don't like an why and a suggestion if you have one


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Hey Joseph...

It's definitely a great improvement. I think the old logo has too much detail going on for branding purposes. The layout is looking a lot better, too. Much cleaner than the old version.

I think the logo could be simplified even more. I also don't know about the bright blue color on the site, I would tweak the colors a bit. It's all going in the right direction.

BTW, I'm a web designer, so feel free to bounce ideas off me if you'd like.


Thanks so much for the feedback.

By bright blue do you mean along the top or the shading?

Any suggestions?
The blue that's around all the content on each page and acts as tabs on the navigation. I see the color is "#CCFFFF" (i'm sure you have access to edit colors somewhere, right?) Maybe a more neutral gray would work, like #EEEEEE since you have a nice dark blue/yellow/orange palette going on?
Yeah, that really works!


Do you like it?
yeah! it looks great.
I agree that the image in the 1st bubble (hands) could be made even more simplified to be more in sync with the last two...


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