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My neighbor Sarah Freeman and I share a common background and career history. Over the holidays, we had lunch and talked about the world I work in where corporations are sponsoring programs that can measure positive impact on nature.


These partnerships can result in funding and sponsorships and now they are designed to impact the environment, infrastructure, parks and conservation.


Here is an example between Dow Chemical and The Nature Conservancy announced today on Twitter.


Dow and The Nature Conservancy Announce Collaboration to Value Nature: Andrew Liveris, chairman and chief execut...


Sarah has generously introduced me to the Emerald Conservancy's Julie Crockford. My career and passion is to grow programs like this throughout the country and bringing this to type of program to a city where I live and neighborhood would be a real gift.


Some people know I mentored Lev Spivack Grossman, while he was a student at BU on this approach for his school thesis in which he dreamt to create permaculture and children's programs at Jamaica Pond. Lev is now doing this type of work in Hudson Valley.


Creating these kind of programs is different than pushing for a program based on advocacy and protest.  It is about bringing unlikely suspects to the table to actually vision a program and make it happen. 


The Hellenic Property now in question would be an ideal piece of property to build a win win for Hellenic College and our community based on this type of capacity building.


Audubon Society is another group nationally that has built out these kind of dialogues.  Last year Shell Oil funded an education program on sustainability to support this kind of program in Greenwich CT. I was fortunate to be invited to participate.


Have a good day everyone.

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