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I have a question that I'm hoping someone here might be able to answer. I could probably wade through some City of Boston websites to find this info, but I thought I'd try here first.

Are there any permitting or coding regulations in Boston for outbuildings/sheds?

I see lots of people in the neighborhood have built sheds or garages that abut their property lines, but my contractor balked when I showed him my plans to put a 4' x 8' footprint tool shed at the end of my driveway against the fence that separates the driveway from my neighbor's side yard. Are there height restrictions? Do I need to get a permit? I'm not planning any electricity or plumbing. Does it have to be a certain distance from property lines?

I'd be surprised if there were permits required, since most people could get a shed kit at Home Depot and put it up wherever they wanted, but I want to be sure before I start building.

If you have any info on this, or have a good idea where I should be looking, please let me know.


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Hi Dave-
you will need a permit from Inspection Services Department of the CIty of Boston for any structure that you erect on your property. Most likely it will need to be 4 feet from the property line, though I'd check the zoning regulations at the boston redevelopment authority webiste. For the 4' b 8' footprint you should be OK with a standard permit- you would need a zoning review if the structure were 10' by 12' or larger. Hope this helps.


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