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Planning a Farmer's Market, need community members imput!

Hello Friends,

I am volunteering with Community Servings to help plan a farmer's market here in our parking lot this summer. We have a few farmers who are interested in doing a Sunday market but we need your imput! Would you be interested in coming this summer on a Sunday to 18 Marbury Terrace, where we are located, to purchase items from local farms and businesses? If so, what time of day would you likely come by? What specific items would you purchase? How often would you come by?

We are excited at the prospect of starting a market that will both provide community members with fresh, local produce and products, as well as, create relationships with farmers that may assist us in better serving our critically-ill clients fresh, nutritious home delivered meals! Let us know what you think!

If you are interested in coming to the market let us know but you can also let us know if your business is interested in joining our market as a vendor! Thanks so much, in advance, for your replies!

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I live right down the street and would be totally into a farmer's market that is open in the morning on a weekend! 10-2 would be great.
i am so interested in there being a farmer's market in our neighborhood-- i would absolutely go! is there any way i can help organize? i realize this post is sort of old-- what is happening currently?
this is so exciting!
I think it's a great idea! I'd buy fruit and veggies. Any chance of apples in the Fall? I'm happy to flyer my street, too (would love bilingual English/Spanish flyers).

I agree that a weekend morning would be best. A 10am start is fine, but earlier would be great too.
Hi there Laura,

Edith here. Not only am I N4N member, but I'm now at Community Servings organizing the Farmers' Market and I'd love your help.

We' have English/ Spanish flyers on hand and I'd love your help distributing them . . . Give me a shout at!

Thanks for your help . . . and think SUN for this Sunday!

Include if you can, an option to pay with food stamps (aka EBT card.) A handful or more of farmer's markets are doing this already.

Highest hopes and best Wishes,

Elijah P. Stuart, future planner
Hi All,

Thanks so much for your support and responses. We would love help flyering the community and are planning to start in June so I will be in touch for volunteers! Elijah and others who are interested- we will accept EBT and WIC coupons! So that is great! And if there are interested vendors please let me know as we are still taking on interested parties! Be in touch soon...



Not only will be accepting food stamps/ SNAP benefits, we'll be accepting WIC and Elder Coupons -- AND -- what's really exciting is that we're participating in The Food Project's 'Bounty Bucks' program that effectively doubles food stamp/ SNAP benefits up to $10 per day.


Spread the word!

If you have any questions . . . send me email at

Hope to see you Sunday!
I am so excited about having a farmers market nearby!!! As for hours, I would say 10-2
The market launches this Sunday, July 12th, and will continue through October 18th!

Come often!
Hi all,

It's Edith from Community Servings about The Farmers' Market

Sunday was a great launch. Thank you all for your encouragement and support and for letting people know about it in the Neighborhood.

This Sunday, we're going to make it a party -- with music and balloons -- and all sort of good stuff. We'll have a 'Ribbon Cutting' -- John Tobin is going to stop by -- and we'll be giving out cookies from our kitchen and a special salad using local produce. Spread the word.

I'm also hoping some of you may be able to help get the word out. I'm looking for a few incredibly kind volunteers who might have some time to help 'flyer' at the Stony Brook, Green Street, and Jackson Square T stations during the commuting hours -- say 4 to 6 pm.

Please let me know if you're interested and might be able to fit this into your schedule! It would be much appreciated.

Email me with any thoughts or suggestions at:

Thanks all!
Edith, I'd be happy to blog! Maybe you could drop me an email and I'll get something on right away!
Thank you!


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