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I am looking to sublet my fabulous room from June 1-August 31. I have lived in this house for two years and can attest to the quality of space, location, and people.

Here are the highlights:
- It's next to the Arboretum, JP Pond, Harvest Co-op, Orange line and 39 bus.
- Comes complete with a deck off the kitchen.
- The views are full of pretty foliage.
- Washers/dryers in the basement. Also a dishwasher in the kitchen.
- Quiet neighborhood on a quiet street, but very close to James's Gate :)
- We recycle and compost.
- My room has two skylights and a third window.
- Share bathroom with one person.
- I have a double closet in addition to two large storage spaces in my room.
- The room can either be furnished (bookshelf, loveseat, end table, desk, dresser, nightstand, bed) or unfurnished.
- The rent is less than $600.

I will miss my room and this house dearly!

Please ask me any additional questions you may have at:


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