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Seeking 3rd roommate in household of broad-minded young artists/professionals- M/F of same age, responsible, easy going, employed.

We are looking to relocate to JP close to Stonybrook, Green St or Forest Hills, and are in the process of searching for the apartment as well. The most beautiful and inexpensive places are 3 bedrooms and we would love to welcome another person! We are looking to spend around 700/person.


About us:

We are two fun females in our twenties who are also freelance Classical singers.  We love music, art and film.  We are very busy with day-jobs and night rehearsals but when we are home, we like to watch classic films, bake, and have dinner parties.  We would love to be able to move our small upright piano into our new place and we are looking for someone who wouldn’t mind us practicing at home or who would want to use it too. 


With the chaos in our schedules, our bedrooms can sometimes get out of control but we like to keep the common area neat.  We are looking for a place with a dishwasher, laundry, and a nice kitchen.

We are both into decorating and have a lot of furniture so there would be very little lacking!


GLTB friendly

Cat friendly

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