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I was driving down South Huntington on Saturday 7/17 around 6pm.  I was right in front of the MSPCA at 343 S. Huntington when a man covered in blood jumped out in the middle of the street.  I stopped the car to ask if he was ok.  He said that he had just been shot and needed help.  He said that he was just walking down the street when a bullet hit his leg.  He didn't know who the shooter was.  The shooter was on foot and ran off after the shot.  I heard nothing about this on the news but thought that JP residents deserve to know that there was a random shooting in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon...

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Thanks for posting this. Sad, scary & depressing.

it remains to be seen if it was random
We are moving from Washington DC to JP in a few weeks and will be living on S Huntington right across from the MSPCA. Is this type of crime normal for the area? I know crime can happen anywhere, but I'm just wondering about the general safety of this neighborhood just so I can be aware and informed :)
Hey Rebecca,

Glad to hear we'll be neighbors. In general, Jamaica Plain is a very safe neighborhood. Crimes like this are few and far between and while I understand this is frightening, it's rare, and most violent crime is targeted and non violent crime is opportunistic - like if you leave your GPS unit in your car, it might be stolen.

This type of crime is not 'normal' for that specific area and is an example of crime happening 'anywhere' especially in a city. The general safety for JP is high and if you're coming from someplace like DC, you'll be fine.
Also, you can see crime reports for the area in our pondside group.

As you might get the sense from this site, we're a very organized neighborhood too!
Eric and Joseph-- thanks so much for your thoughts. We are really excited about moving to JP!
Take care,
Youth on youth gun violence is very high this summer, and correlated with a very high teen unemployment rate in Boston. A Boston City Councillor did an analysis and found that funding fewer youth summer jobs leads to summers with high murder rates - and in Boston right now most gun injuries are youth . Rebecca - your family is not in danger unless you have a son of color. Contrary to popular opinion, many of the 14 year olds dying this summer are not "gang-related," although the shooters certainly are.

We all can help reduce this by volunteering with neighborhood youth or contributing to local youth organisations like Boys and Girls Clubs, Hyde Sq. Task Force, Spontaneous Celebrations or Salvation Army which sends jr. High kids to camp (Camp Harborview, in the Harbor on Long Island.) Also by lobbying for more resources to be assigned to street workers and youth rec programs. The low-income families being devastated by this epidemic of violence are immobilized by trauma and have little political clout - but we DO and we should use it to get programs funded which save young lives.
There was also an incident, Sunday, July 25th in the afternoon - on Centre St. between Mozart and Forbes. Area was taped off, with traffic being diverted. It seemed to be centered around a corner market there, and was around the time of the parade. Anyone know what happened? Judging by the scene, I would say someone was seriously injured.
I didn't hear anything about this. I was away all weekend. Anyone know what happened??
Here's something I found about it online...not much, but something...


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