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Hi. Can anyone refer me to a local company or service that can shovel our condo's sidewalks, driveway and back parking lot here in JP? They need to be insured and RELIABLE (ie, not show up around 6 pm, four hours after it stopped snowing).In fact, they should generally be able to make sure our driveway is clear in the morning for the commute, and/or in the afternoon before we come home. Is that too much to ask???





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Thanks for reposting!
if you find someone will you let me know?  also, if you just fired someone, even if they stink, we could use someone for the rest of the season...can you let me know their info?
I could give you our current people, but we're really unhappy with them (they've been AWOL for big storms, even if they come it's after midnight, etc.)
Just curious, did you ever find someone? we ended up just dealing with it ourselves the rest of the winter but i want to get someone early this year, and now we need a new gardener (same person who used to do the snow)....thanks!
Heh, no, unfortunately. Well, we did keep using the original contractors throughout the winter, but we really weren't happy with them, but at the same time couldn't find anyone better or who had equipment for the job (our driveway can't be accessed by plows, only snowblowers). We tried to buy a snowblower but they had sold out by early winter! But that's what we think we'll do before the upcoming season. Wish us luck! :)


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