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My apt (at Beethoven & Washington, off Egleston Square) was broken into on Oct 1. I know it's been a while so there's almost no chance of recovery, but I wanted to post 1) just in case and 2) to help keep a more accurate crime log.

The perpetrator broke in through a basement window and kicked down an egress door. He took an ancient (circa 2001) silver Dell laptop that only had pictures and schoolwork on it, camera, wireless router, and a few other items.

I put reward signs up and was hoping the laptop would be abandoned because it's so old, but no luck with that so far. In terms of material items I didn't have anything else really valuable to take, and most importantly my dog, who was crated, was not harmed. It's just been a tough adjustment after moving up here on my own mid-August and loving most parts about JP/Boston.

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Hey JB,

Sorry to hear about your laptop. If you have not already, make sure you report it to the police. It helps them return it to you if you find it, as well as track trends, and in some cases, ties perpetrators to multiple crimes.

Did you know you can get crime reports for your neighborhood - join and check out the Greater Egleston Group.
I called the police right away, and they filed a report, but told me not to expect much since it was probably a junkie and my items would be sold/trashed quickly.

Thanks for the crime report - mine is on there as a B&E, and I joined the group.

After another break-in (this time my car, on 1/2) I'm sad to say I've moved out of JP/Egleston Square. I liked so many things about the neighborhood, especially Beecher Park, but two break-ins in three months was too much for me. Hopefully I will be back on JP, but on the other side of the tracks, in the future.


Please, be careful around Egleston Square!


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