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We're thinking of moving to the Hyde Park Ave area near the Forest Hills T, but are a bit concerned about the train noise. Does anyone live on/near this street? What's your experience been with the train noise? Are there any hours/days where it's particularly bad? Thanks!

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I live a block up off Hyde Park Avenue near Forest Hills station, and can attest to the fact that the train noise is particularly bad at all hours when the train is running. I imagine that it would be REALLY noisy if you were right on Hyde Park Ave.
Thanks, Kitten Love. Does the majority of the train noise come from the T/commuter rail or Amtrack? I'm mostly concerned about midnight to 6am. How bad is it then?
Sorry that I am so late replying on this! We can hear the trains, buses, and automobiles quite loudly (and the airplanes swoosh by quite loudly unless I have the AC window unit running.
I too live one block off of Hyde Park across from the T station. Honestly, we very rarely hear a train. Occasionally we'll hear a train that is likely the commuter rail if it comes through Forest Hills at a high speed and does not stop. You do get a bit of traffic/bus/siren noise, but I wouldn't consider it any worse than what you normally hear in the city. I'll hear it if it's a motorcycle or a car that revs it's engine. It's not bothersome at all. I would think that you would probably hear more noise if you were right on Hyde Park Ave and that you might consider not living there if you are very sensitive to the noise. However, there are tons of great apartments near Forest Hills that are only one or two blocks off Hyde Park that are still very quick walk to Forest Hills...


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