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I was wondering if anyone has about 5-6 live bamboo shoots about 2 inches in diameter and approximately 5 ft long or longer that they were willing to part with for a small project I am planning?  I know bamboo is quite an aggressive plant and most people don't mind getting rid of some.  I would be able to come and chop it down and haul it away for you.  If you have some, friend me and we can exchange contact info via email.


Mark Sadecki

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Go talk to Bob, who owns the house on the Corner of Enfield and Robinwood. He has all kinds of bamboo growing in his yard. Enter on Robinwood.
Awesome, thanks for the tip!
I'd actually like to find cuttings to plant along my back fence.

Tall bamboo, like a good fence, makes good neighbors, and I'd like some privacy from my good neighbors on Rockvale Circle.

Michael | interrobang
Hi, we have lots of bamboo, so if you haven't found some from others send me a msg on NFN. It sounds like you may know this, but I'll just re-emphasize after living with bamboo for nearly ten years, there is no "small project" concerning bamboo. It spreads like wildfire and is very hard, if not impossible, to control on all fronts. Ours came over from a neighbor, and now has invaded at least 3 other neighbors. Good fences make good neighbors, but bamboo might also eventually make you and your neighbors quite frustrated. Ours actually also makes it hard for us to grow other things, because the root system strangles out everything else. One neighbor refers to bamboo as "the ring"---- it's gorgeous and everyone loves it, and everyone thinks they can control it, but no one can.
A little late, but wanted to second Jennifer B. (who I'm guessing is my neighbor Jen!). The bamboo that came into both of our yards from a neighbor's is a huge pain. You either have to install a 2-3 ft. deep barrier when you plant it, which is a pain and not that cheap, or every spring, pay attention and kick over new shoots. We just dug up a bunch of the root system and it was a huge pain, even just for the (relatively few) that have gotten into our yard. I would recommend getting a clumping bamboo instead of a running bamboo if you can.


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