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First....WE NEED MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! I think at latest count, we're at about $600 of about an estimated $1100 goal. Anything helps, so if you haven't donated to Beecher Park there's no better time than the present. And if you have PayPal it's even easier.
Second...while I have been called JP's Bob Vila, I am going to need help with the "construction" of the new gate. So, if anyone is interested in providing a helping hand let me know. I'm hoping to make a run to Home Depot this weekend to start pricing out some options. And if anyone sees any good deals on tool sheds and/or trash bins let me know.


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I can help out as well. I was there when the original gate went in, and have taken it out and put it back in countless times so maybe we can sit and talk about why it didn't work and what we can do better. I have a couple of ideas.
Hey Ben, I am also down for helping with the construction. I am around most of this weekend, but going to be away a couple of weekends in June.


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