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Welcome to the new Candidates for Office Engagement Group. I came with this idea this morning and think I am on to something but really need you input to make this work. 

To get us started I'm propose thing the following Purpose, Objectives, and Outcome of this group. What would you add or detract?

Let me know by replying to this discussion. Thanks.

The purpose of the Candidates for Office Engagement Group is to facilitate dialogue be Candidates running for Office and their prospective constituents, here on Neighbors for Neighbors Jamaica Plain.

- To make it possible for candidates to introduce themselves and their platforms.
- To facilitate two-way constructive and respectfully dialogue between candidates and constituents and between the candidates themselves.
- To document and archive candidates positions.

To encourage constituents to vote by involving them in the democratic process and to empower them to make informed choices when they vote,

This group will be facilitated by the members of Neighbors for Neighbors for Neighbors Jamaica Plain.

The group is governed by our <a href="" target="_blank">User Guidelines.</a>

To be determined by group members.

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