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Hi neighbors,

My car window was smashed in during the early hours of Monday 4/12/10, while parked in front of my house on Chestnut Ave, between Biltmore and Spring Park. 

I believe the thieves were after a GPS, as I had a GPS mount visible on the front windshield (of course, after this happened, everyone tells me "always remove the GPS mount!" -- but I hadn't heard that advice beforehand). 

Luckily, I only lost the GPS mount, a cell phone charger, and some quarters.  But it was a big hassle, inconvenience, and a bit of a scare. I just wanted to warn everyone to remove any visible signs of a GPS or other electronics, and to be sure to not leave anything visible in your car.  I definitely learned the hard way.


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Thanks for the advice Justine! I'm really sorry to hear about your car.



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