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Hey there Dance JP! So! There's Spontaneous Celebrations and The Tony Williams Dance Studio, but has anyone EVER wondered if a Dance Coop like the Dance Complex in Cambridge could possibly sustain itself in JP? I personally would like to see it happen! Dancing every night of the week would be IDEAL!! I like freestyle dancing of course, but I would LOVE to have dance classes like Samba, West Coast Swing, African Dance, or even Cardio Kickboxing in a central location, that is walking distance from my home. What do you all think? I'm open to thoughts and ideas. Let's start a discussion! :0)

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Cool! I honestly know nothing about starting a coop either, but I'd guess the first thing one might do is to talk to some coop starters in the area to see what it might entail. There's Harvest and there is this cool housing coop on my street. It would probably need some promoters if anything. If this actually gets going, would you be willing to help promote the idea Sarah?
I LOVE LOVE this idea.....Id be down for modern dance classes and belly dance. And I personally am friends with a pretty awesome East coast swing (shag/tango) dance instructor couple who happens to live in JP! As well as the founder of the Swing Coop in boston (the one over in cambridge) You should totally get a hold of the folks at the Dance Complex and see how they work.

best of luck!
Cool! Thanks for the input. I'd welcome any help too. One person may have beginning ideas, but in a coop, many make the ideas move forward.

Are your friends on Dance JP? I'll check out the Swing coop website.
I would definitely be interested in all of the above. I don't know any dance teachers or coop founders but I would be willing to find them and talk to them. I think the biggest thing is where would it be? Would it be a mobile coop or stay in specific building?
Hmm... good question Craig&Caroline. I guess if there were enough sponsors and people interested in starting it up, there could definitely be possibility for a specific building. That would be ideal, but I see SO MANY businesses come and go in Center Street. I wouldn't want to jump head first into anything. A few years ago I saw an AMAZING dance center in Brookline close because the rent kept increasing. I see that happen to really great stores too often in JP. That is some food for thought. Here is some more...

I wonder if the former Dahn Yoga studio has potential? :0)

The first step is to get people talking. LOTS of people. Would you all be interested in talking this idea up to anyone who will listen? Get people to come to this site to post their thoughts and ideas. We could talk to health centers, churches, local groups and such, to see what the interest is. I'm not shy talking in public when an idea is solid.

Here are some other steps.

1. Talk it up to get people involved
2. Put together a group/board/steering committee to go over details of what might be needed and what the vision is.
3. Put out a questionnaire for people to tell us what they think.
3. We'd need someone good with money issues, someone who can website management, possible grant writing/ fund raising, someone who can help find teachers to come. Most dancing teachers will not be interested unless there is enough of an interest to bring in money. I have acquaintances who teach Latin styles, West Coast Swing and Samba. I could talk to them...
4. Would the teachers rent the space?
5. If we found a spot, I'd want the neighbors and businesses nearby to be comfortable with a dance center next door. That would definitely be of the utmost importance, so they would have to be spoken to.

The MOST important thing is #1, to talk it up so everyone can get involved. Then it would truly be cooperative. I'm sure there is stuff I've missed. Anyone have more ideas?
Well, it looks like we should start a little smaller. Maybe starting with weekly dance workshops in different areas would be more suitable for this kind of venture. After renting a space and getting people to come, we could have someone come and present, then teach some of the basic skills for one - two hours. Then people who come to the event could fill out a questionnaire. That might be easier. Whaddaya think?

We'd still need a small group to put something like this together. Sarah, Rebecca and Craig&Caroline, would you be interested in meeting at Ula's to see what gives?
I would love it as well. I am wondering if Mikes Gym or the dance studio at the Brewery complex would be able to donate space or somehow be involved?
I'd also be interested in some ballet, jazz, modern and yoga classes for adults. Right now I travel to the new dance studio in Brookline: , but I must admit the travel (without a car) is a bit cumbersome. I would love something in JP!
Cool! Great idea to check out Mike's Gym. Orissa, would you be willing to check out prices for Mike's Gym? The Tony Williams Dance Studio rents out their space. Rentals range from $20-$45 depending on the size.
Cool! We'd love to have your help and words of wisdom!
I'm not much into organizing, but I have a group of about 6-10 friends who meet informally to practice our ballroom dancing. We've rented space at the Dance Coop in Cambridge a couple times, but if a space opened up in JP where we could rent, that would be great!
I don't want to slight my idea, but if you were looking for a place sooner than later, Tony Williams Dance Studio rents space. It is in the Brewery. $20-$45 a session, depending on the size of the room.


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