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hey, Just a rainy day not good for much but watching spawning spotted salamanders. There is some GOOD music coming up this weekend.
Just back from austin, tx. and the southwest music festival-Fri, april 3 at midway, we have Pariah Beat-a young crew recently from vermont, currently in residence at sheridan st. family motel accommodations. Be sure to listen to: dirty old town, then a mountain twang influenced, front porch; and the klezmer rocking, babylon is falling..
Then Sunday, april 5, at middleeast, angeline plays in the bcn rock and roll rumble. Show is early and starts promptly at 9. They are another twangy, foot stomping influenced group with just one guy on violin and 3 principle gorgeous women singing and playing.
These bands deserve appreciation for original, soul grabbing playing. They both have a base of players from jp.
The community needs you.

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oooh...these bands are both fantastic!

just a quick note* tonight is Experiment over at the ICA...and ill be heading over there from some serious dance action ...

here is their posting from online..

Social experiment at Experiment - Come to ICA Experiment tonight and get a discounted ticket price of $15 when you mention "ICA Facebook" at the box office. Must buy discounted tix in person at the box office. Cash only. No refunds permitted.
The experiment sounds compelling. Alas parents are visiting, and can only journey to midway after putting old folks to bed. Pariah beat begins at 12.


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